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My first post!

(I’m really jamming to this song rn)

I’m going to try SUPER hard to keep this blog maintained while I’m in Korea.

Not Fulbright or Korea related, but I figured I should get used to writing my thoughts down either way so I’m going to talk about graduating!

Yesterday I graduated Ramapo and everyone keeps asking me how I feel. Is it bad that it hasn’t really hit me yet? I had a bit of an anti-climactic end to the semester. Because I was student teaching, I was only really there once a month to meet with my teaching cohort. And not to mention, this is the first time ever that I had absolutely zero finals. So going to graduation just felt a bit… strange. Part of me feels like I already left Ramapo a while ago.

A lot of big things are changing, and for once I’m kind of just enjoying the ride. I definitely have my work cut out for me in completing all my docs and forms for Fulbright (which I’m honestly falling behind on). Tomorrow is my graduation party and I promised myself that after that, I’ll register for the TESOL course and get my fingerprints done for the FBI background check. Honestly, it’s kind of hard to feel like I “graduated” when I still have a pile of work to do…

Maybe it’ll hit me later. For now, I’m going to try to make posts at least once a week. Hopefully that carries on throughout my time in Korea!