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Orientation site revealed!

A few days ago we got our 2019-2020 Korea ETA handbook! It’s like 60 pages long and it’s filled with all the answers I could’ve asked for!

When I saw it in my email, the first thing I did was scroll all the way down to where the orientation information was. It looks like I’ll be staying at Yonsei’s Incheon campus for my first six weeks! I’ve actually been to Incheon before and visited the boardwalks on the water there. Not to mention Incheon is where I’ll be flying into, so I’ll have a pretty short bus ride from the airport to our orientation site! If I remember correctly, Incheon is about an hour away from Seoul via subway so hopefully I’ll be able to sneak into Seoul one weekend!

I also found two other South Korea ETA Fulbrighters in my cohort that are going to be on the same flight as me! Hopefully I’ll get to know them a bit during the 14+ hour flight. Each day, leaving becomes more and more tangible.

blue skies

Back when I was in Korea in 2017, bright blue skies were what I missed most about America.

Today in New Jersey, the sky was so blue with beautiful wispy white clouds. While driving through my town, I made sure to commit every image to memory and pack it up in my America memory bank. I’m trying to soak in as much of my country as I can before leaving. I made sure to pay extra attention to the shining glimmers on the lake by my house today. I memorized the colors of the flowers in our garden.

Yesterday I officially got my flight information! I’m taking a non-stop flight on Korean Air and arriving in Incheon at 4:20 AM. Apparently, we’re all meeting at the airport at 5 AM to take a bus to our orientation site, which is still TBA. This trip is becoming more and more tangible with each passing day, and I’m really starting to feel like I’m leaving.

It’s bittersweet. I love my life here because this is my home. It’s hard imagining an entire year without my friends, family, and community where I have a place. Still, I’m looking forward to forging my new path in Korea, and creating my new home with a new family.