I have like 2 posts sitting in my drafts waiting to be published but…

It’s Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and I’m at Sokcho again. This time, there’s no typhoon.

I was sitting and watching the waves today. The water was really clear and you could see the bottom of the ocean through the water. It had such a pretty blue-ish green-ish tint to it. And today, the skies were super blue after an entire week of cloudiness and rain.

I just reflected on how grateful I am to be here. How proud I am that I’ve gotten to this point. How beautiful it is when every gear comes together to make such a graceful, functional, well-oiled machine. And how precious it is to take moments to yourself and bask in these little gifts of self-reflection.

I felt like I was finally sitting under the shade of my own vine and fig tree.

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