Makeshift guidelines and rules that I have been following

In honor of spending about 2 weeks with my new family, job, and coworkers, I’ve compiled a list of mental rules and guidelines that I have made for myself.

  1. Listen with all 5 senses.
  2. Ask what the food is after you eat it.
  3. If you and a superior are walking towards each other, bow when you are about 5-8 feet away from each other (usually)
  4. Eat rice with a spoon
  5. Bring a toothbrush to school everyday.
  6. ALWAYS have an extra pair of socks at your desk
  7. When in doubt, smile and nod
  8. Have emergency gift wrap on hand in your room
  9. Try to “yes, and” 90% of situations
  10. Name 5 beautiful things you saw at the end of every day

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