less than a month until departure

27 days to go!

I’m kind of freaking out because my fingerprints were rejected by the FBI for being “too messy”. They recommend I get them digitally scanned since there’s less room for error, but I’m not really sure how to do that since I have to print them on a specific fingerprint card. I reached out to some people in my Korea cohort to see what they did and I got responses within minutes! Many used an FBI channeler, which usually costs around ~$50. I think I might just spend the money and go the same route considering the free way did not totally work out for me :/ Using an FBI Channeler would be faster and also more secure.

I also still need to fill out IRS Form 8802. A lot of people in my cohort have been having issues with understanding it and filling it out. Someone in our group posted this guide to completing it. It goes into a lot of details and de-mystifies it a bit. Better finish that up soon…

I still haven’t applied for my visa yet (I know, there’s been a lot going on, ok?) so hopefully I can do that this Monday. Last time I applied for a Visa at the Korean Embassy in NYC it was pretty simple and I received it about a week later, so I’m not too concerned?

And the biggest, most daunting thing is to finish my 120 hour TEFL course in time before I leave! I only just started Unit 3 and it’s 20 units!

Yeah… you could say I really have my work cut out for me…

Aaaaaand I haven’t even started packing yet

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